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Hydrogen refuelling network funding

We are committed to supporting the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure along our major interstate highways. This includes: 

  • a Memorandum of Understanding with the Victorian and Queensland governments for an east coast hydrogen refuelling network 
  • $20 million in grant funding to support a hydrogen refuelling corridor.  

Hume Hydrogen Highway initiative

As part of the east coast hydrogen refuelling network, we have partnered with the Victorian Government to jointly fund and deliver a $20 million hydrogen refuelling initiative. This is a unique opportunity for our 2 state governments to work together to establish Australia’s first hydrogen refuelling corridor.  

Our aim is to support industry to: 

  • deliver a network of at least 4 hydrogen stations along the Hume Highway 
  • support a fleet of at least 25 hydrogen-powered linehaul trucks using the network 
  • demonstrate the potential of renewable hydrogen to shift the heavy transport sector to net zero by 2050. 

This joint initiative will transform our broader transport sector by unlocking a new market with the potential to grow in scale. It will also create new hydrogen consumers and drive investment in NSW’s green hydrogen economy. 

Applications have closed and are currently being assessed against the merit criteria. We expect to award funding to the successful project in the first half of 2023.

For more information:

If you have any questions regarding the initiative, application guidelines or the assessment process, please email [email protected].  


East coast hydrogen refuelling network

More information

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