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Vehicle emissions offset scheme (VEOS)

Do something great for the environment today

Like many Australians, you’re probably wondering how your day-to-day routine can be more sustainable. Here’s where you can make a start.

Today, when you renew your vehicle registration, you can claim a quick win against climate change by offsetting one of the largest sources of carbon emissions – your daily vehicle commute.

NSW light vehicles emit around 2.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year on average. By offsetting your emissions, you’re getting behind various projects that support the environment, including those that regenerate tracts of bushland and re-establish native forest. The NSW Government is committed to net zero emissions by 2050. We’re now on track to halve emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels while continuing to grow the economy. There’s plenty we can do together to reach this goal.

Offsets are a valuable tool in emission reduction 

While climate change isn’t going to be solved by offsets alone, it provides an important avenue of emission reduction. Offsets are a valuable part of the solution for emissions specifically the emissions from your vehicle.

Carbon offset projects involve activities that either avoid or decrease carbon emissions. Carbon avoidance could be generating electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Meanwhile, activities that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere take the form of tree planting, restoring native vegetation or soil carbon sequestration to lock those emissions away.

When you choose to offset, this scheme will purchase Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), from a carbon offset provider who meets the NSW government’s highest standards. Each credit will then be retired meaning they are taken off the market, ensuring the project - and your contribution - are achieving maximum benefit.

Our partner carbon offset provider is Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd, they:

Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd operate with the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across Australia. Since 2010, they’ve been actively engaged in delivering over 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and currently own 1.4 million acres of land-sector carbon abatement projects.  

These projects range from forest regeneration, environmental plantings and soil carbon methodologies that can be integrated with conventional agricultural production to support dual income projects. Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd are based on holistic project design involving the identification and delivery of environmental and socio-economic co-benefits such as improved ecosystem function and water quality improvements. 

Staff from Corporate Carbon in paddock

Your voluntary contribution will support projects such as the Longdowns Regeneration Project – a land-based human-induced regenerative activity.

Established in the Northwest region of New South Wales, the project is regenerating native forests that have been suppressed by agricultural land uses such as grazing. The Longdowns Regeneration Project goes beyond carbon offsets as it produces natural ecosystem improvements, including increased biodiversity in the region, improved soil retention, increased habitat for wildlife, shelter for livestock and diversified revenue for farmers.

Trees that are part of regeneration project

Offset today

Do something great for the environment. Offset your emissions next time you renew your vehicle registration.
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