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Mapping resources

Renewable energy maps 

NSW has abundant sources of renewable energy including high average global solar exposure and world class wind along the Great Dividing Range. 

There are a range of mapping exercises to better understand where these renewable energy opportunities lie, so that households, businesses and community can better access these clean and affordable resources. 

Renewable energy resources of NSW map 

The Geological Survey of New South Wales developed a state-wide renewable energy resource map, documenting resource potential and existing infrastructure for solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy, hydro and ocean resources. 

This map helps communities and industry to easily identify and understand the renewable energy and resource potential of the state. 

Visit the renewable energy resources of NSW map.

The Australian PV Institute Solar PV Maps and Tools 

The Australian PV Institute provides mapping tools highlighting NSW’s solar energy potential and uptake by households and businesses. These show the live performance of solar PV across the country, the solar PV potential of rooftops in urban environments and solar uptake by postcode – which shows that growth in solar PV is driven by both regional and Sydney communities. 

Explore the Australian PV Institute solar PV maps and tools.

The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI) 

 is an online resource hosting a range of useful data about renewable energy in Australia. It is funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and developed by CSIRO’s Data 61 team in partnership with the Clean Energy Council with hosting being provided by Geoscience Australia. 

You can access renewable energy data through National Map.  

The UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures Network Opportunity Maps 

The University of Technology, Sydney, Institute for Sustainable Futures and Energy Networks Australia have developed Network Opportunity Maps to pinpoint areas in the electricity grid where future power demand will exceed supply capacity. 

These maps show the best locations to invest in renewable energy, battery storage and demand management across the National Electricity Market (NEM). By highlighting opportunities to meet network constraints, the maps will help reduce costs and deliver benefits for NSW customers. 

Read more about the research on the UTS network opportunity page