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Solar is cutting energy bills for Dave

Dave and Isobel moved to their home in Surfside on the NSW South Coast a few years ago to embrace the warmer weather and coastal lifestyle of boating and caravanning.

But 2020 did bring challenges. The devastating bushfires came very close to their home, cutting off essential power and the internet for days at a time. “We knew absolutely nothing,” explains Isobel. 

Soon after, COVID-19 isolated them again. “My daughter is in Victoria, so we couldn’t see the grandkids at all that year.” 

Despite this, they are grateful for the Solar for Low Income Households offer. “We were thinking about solar and got a few quotes. Then I saw a promotion on Facebook”, says Dave.  

“The installers at SolarHub were very professional, easy to deal with and didn’t take long to install our new solar system. You couldn’t ask for a better job!”   

The retired couple also took advantage of the option to upsize the system offered through the program to maximise the savings from their system. “The NSW Government is paying for the 3kW system and we’ve got 5.9kW on the roof.”  Isobel adds: “We make it work for us. I used to do the washing late in the afternoon. Now I wait till the sun comes up so we’re actually using the power that we’re making.” 

Prior to installing their system, Dave and Isobel’s quarterly electricity bills were around $300. But their first bill was much less after their system was installed. “We’re very happy,” enthuses Dave. 

And with their savings, they are looking forward to getting back on the road. “It would be nice to see the grandkids again!” 

Dave and Isobel recommend solar to anyone who’s thinking about it. “Solar’s great to have on your house, and it’s environmentally friendly too, because you’re using the sun. So, it’s got to be a better way to go.” 

The Solar for Low Income Households offer finished in June 2024 and delivered free solar systems to over 4,000 customers. The average energy bill savings for offer customers is more than $600 a year.

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