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ASP Scheme and contestable works

The Accredited Service Provider (ASP) scheme accredits organisations to perform contestable work on the NSW electricity distribution network, giving consumers who need to connect to the network access to a competent and competitive market of service providers. The ASP scheme ensures customers have the right to have this work done by suitably accredited companies and their qualified staff. This promotes the competitive provision of services while ensuring that essential safety and other technical requirements are observed. 

Contestable works are works that are required for the electricity distribution network provider to supply the load in the power lines where a new or altered connection is being requested. These works are usually requested and funded by individuals or organisations to suit site developments or when damage is caused by others.

If you are looking for a provider to undertake contestable works you can refer to the list of ASPs. There are separate lists for ASPs who are accredited to perform different types of connection services. These are detailed in the scheme rules but in summary are:

  • level 1: for construction of network assets, which allows for both overhead and underground construction work on both distribution and transmission networks
  • level 2: for service work and connection services, which allows for construction of service lines between the distribution system and the point of connection to the premises and for energising new or altered connections
  • level 3: for design of network assets, which allows for the design of transmission and distribution networks, including underground or overhead services.

A review of the ASP scheme is currently underway. Please visit the consultation page for more details.

Level 2 ASPs working around metering equipment

The installation of distributor-based meters was impacted by the Power of Choice on 1 December 2017 to give customers the option of managing their electricity services and usage in a manner to suit their own requirements. These metering changes did not affect level 2 classes 2A, 2B or 2C. If you want to do work in these classes, you must be accredited as an ASP.

If you want to continue any work associated with equipment (such as load control receivers), you will need to maintain or receive Level 2 accreditation, including class 2D. Dedicated load control equipment remains the responsibility of the distribution network service provider and the requirement for class 2D accreditation remains in place.

Even though installation of basic-type metering is no longer allowed, the qualifications and skills remain valid and they may help prepare you to become a subcontractor to metering providers and distribution networks.

Applying for accreditation 

There are different types of accreditation applications. You will need to download the relevant form and email it to us with your completed details.

Before making an application you may like to review the ASP Scheme Rules


You can access training courses to help you meet the competencies required to become an ASP. Contact the following institutions for more information about their courses: 

More information

You can search the list of ASPs for each level. You can also call Service NSW on 13 77 88 and receive 3 potential providers servicing your local area. 

For all other enquiries, please read our frequently asked questions. If your question has not been answered, please contact us on 02 8275 1960 or or email [email protected]

For installing or altering your electricity service, see a list of ASPs for each level.