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Plan your net zero emissions journey

To achieve net zero emissions, councils need to plan and develop a strategy for their operational and community emissions.

Most councils first prepare a strategy to achieve net zero in their own operations to lead by example and gain knowledge and experience before subsequently developing their community net zero strategy. A net zero emissions strategy will always be unique to place but there are universal steps that can be followed by all councils.

The Net zero community emissions guide for NSW councils is a high-level roadmap including an overview of key concepts and a step-by-step process to develop your own ongoing community net zero strategy.

This key resource is a great place to help you start your journey.


Steps to developing a net zero emissions strategy

1. Engage your stakeholders

Develop your net zero strategy in consultation with relevant council staff, local businesses and the community.

2. Get to know your emissions profile

An emissions profile (also known as an inventory) identifies and quantifies the key sources of greenhouse gas emissions attributable to your specific Council/LGA boundary.

3. Identify emissions reduction pathways

Analyse the drivers of emissions within your emissions profile. Identify opportunities to make the biggest impact on emissions.

4. Establish a target

Set interim and long-term science-based emissions reduction targets to drive action and momentum. Consider aligning your net zero emissions target with the NSW Government target of 70% reduction by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050.

5. Develop and implement your emissions reduction strategy

Prepare a clearly defined strategy outlining what emissions reduction actions will be undertaken, how to implement your emissions pathway and achieve your established target.

6. Monitor and track your progress

Monitor and track the progress of your net zero emissions strategy against targets and milestones. Report on progress through your website or public-reporting platforms to share successes with your community and others.