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Estimate certificates

Estimate how many certificates can be created for an activity. Activities include replacing or installing new equipment or appliances which are more energy efficient.

You will need:

  • the postcode of the site installation

  • the brand and model number of the equipment being installed.

Some activities may require additional technical information. Where possible, this information has been pulled in from the relevant product registry. Please double-check the fields to make sure they are accurate to your expected equipment specifications. Please note that results are indicative only and cannot be promoted or published.

Residential and small business

Woman operating air conditioner

Install a new or replace an existing air conditioner with a high efficiency air conditioner

Pool pump in garden pool

Replace an existing pool pump with a high efficiency pool pump

Man opening fridge

Remove a spare refrigerator or freezer

shower with hand reaching into the hot water

Replace an existing gas or electric water heater with an (air source) heat pump or solar (electric boosted) water heater


Electrician monitoring compressed air system

Install or replace an existing air conditioner with a high efficiency air conditioner

Gas pipeline aerial view

Replace one or more existing hot water boilers or water heaters with one or more air source heat pump water heater systems

Commercial cool room

Install a new high efficiency refrigerated cabinet or replace an existing refrigerated cabinet

industrial motor and pipes

Install or replace an existing motor with a high efficiency motor