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EV charging site hosting prospectus FAQs

Frequently asked questions

I don’t own the site but lease it. Can I still submit an EOI for my site?

This will depend on the type of lease agreement you have with the owner of your site. We recommend talking with the owner to ensure they are comfortable with the construction of chargers on site.

Can I still submit an EOI for a site even if I’m not a business owner or don’t hold an ABN?

Yes, if you are an owner of a site or authorised to act on behalf of the owner.

I am part of a community group. Can we nominate sites?

No, only lease holders, land owners or authorised representatives may nominate sites. We recommend talking to site lease holders or owners that have permission to install chargers on site to make them aware of the opportunity.

I’m an electric vehicle driver and would like to see more EV charging stations in my town. What can I do to help?

Talk to interested businesses and land owners in your town and encourage them to put forward their site for a fast charging station.

I work for a local council and wish to submit a site host EOI for several sites in our LGA. Is that permitted?

Yes, local councils can put forward multiple sites they own or lease, which may be suitable within their LGA.

We are part of a co-operative and hold several sites. Can we submit a site host EOI?

Yes, if you are a land owner, lease holder or authorised representative, you are able to submit an EOI.

Can I register my site that is also a petrol station for an EOI?

Yes, all sites where the land owner, lease holder or authorised representative has permission to install chargers are eligible to register their interest.

I own/lease a site that would be ideal, but it doesn’t have anything on it. Could I still submit an EOI?

Yes. Charging providers may contact you if the site is ideally situated and explore options with you for including other amenities.

Can I submit an EOI for more than one site?

Yes, you can register up to 10 sites in one application. If you want to register more than 10 sites, you will need to submit a separate application for every 10 additional sites.

Should I talk to my local council about my EOI submission?

It’s a good idea to let your local council know about your EOI as they may be able to provide useful information to include. Useful contacts in your local council most relevant to your submission may include the economic development team, environmental and sustainability teams and the planning team. Engage with them early to allow adequate time for a response.

Can you confirm my site will get selected?

Your site will be added to a register of interest that potential charging providers will have access to. There is no guarantee they will contact you about your site.

My site didn’t get selected in the first round. Has my site missed out? Do I need to re-submit an application for the next funding round?

Your site will remain on the register and available to charging providers for four years and remain valid for all rounds until you ask to withdraw your site details or a charging station has been built on your site.

I sold the site that I submitted an EOI for; what do I do?

Email the team at [email protected] at any time and they will be able to remove your site details from the site host EOI list.

I don’t want to be responsible for any technical issues or if the charging station doesn’t work. What is expected of me as a site host?

Site hosts are not responsible for the use and maintenance of chargers. Site hosts provide the space and access to site for the chargers, maintain amenities on site and enforce any parking regulations. The charging infrastructure and associated electrical infrastructure is the responsibility of the charging provider.

What happens if there is a technical issue at my site?

All public fast charging stations constructed as part of this program will be required to include redundancy in the station, offering a slower charger in the event the fast chargers experience a technical issue. Successful applicants for co-funding will also provide technical support for EV owners and provide a number to call and report faults. Technical issues are the responsibility of the charging provider, not the site host.

Will the EV charger(s) disrupt other things that may be operating on my site, like fuel pumps or machinery?

No, during installation the charging provider will ensure there is a sufficient connection to the grid so your site always remains fully powered.

I don’t know if my site is suitable for a fast charger, but I’d like to have an EV charger on my site. Are there any other opportunities for my business?

The NSW Government is also investing $20M to install EV chargers at regional destinations across the state. Round 2 of the EV destination charging grants will be opened in Q2 2023. To be notified when the grants open, sign up to our mailing list.

Do I have to pay the electricity costs for the charger if it’s on my site?

No, the cost of electricity used by the chargers will be covered by the charging provider.

There is no room on the site to put renewable energy. Will this matter?

This will not matter, as not all sites will have renewable energy installed with the chargers.

My site has more than one National Meter Identifier (NMI). Which number should I use?

It is suggested that you put forward the NMI you expect to connect the chargers to. If this is not known, the NMI can be updated once a charging provider contacts you.

How long after I submit my EOI will someone contact me about my site?

There will be several funding rounds over the next four years to build fast charging infrastructure in NSW. You may be contacted at any point over that time until either a site is built, you withdraw your details or the funding round closes.

A charging provider has submitted a bid for my site. Why does it take so long (up to 21 weeks) to find out if their application has been approved?

Applicants for funding will need to provide supporting information to the NSW Government which will be assessed for feasibility and suitability. In order to allow applicants enough time to provide that information, and sufficient time for this information to be assessed, the timeframe for processing applications is up to 21 weeks.

How long will it take (once approved) for chargers to be built on my site?

EV fast charging grants will be available over the next four years, with stations expected to be completed within 24 months of the grant funding being awarded to successful applicants.

My EOI contains personal information. How does the department manage this information?

We have legal obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) in relation to the collection, storage, access, use and disclosure of personal information. A privacy statement is provided as part of the EOI submission process. Information provided in the EOI submission will only be shared with EV charging providers that are seeking funding from the NSW EV infrastructure funding rounds. Personal information will be destroyed when no longer required for the purpose it was collected.