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Primary Industries Productivity and Abatement

Growing a prosperous, low carbon world

To ensure the prosperity of NSW’s primary industries and land sector, the NSW Government is investing $125 million over the next 8 years to 2030. This will support farmers and land managers across the State to reduce their emissions, improve their carbon management, and enhance biodiversity on their land alongside production.

It will also support the sector to increase revenue by accessing environmental markets, accelerating finance for natural capital and low carbon farming, and demonstrating environmental performance to consumers and the supply chain.

The Primary Industries Productivity and Abatement program is a key element of the NSW Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030. This Plan outlines NSW’s commitment to halve our emissions by 2030 while safeguarding our prosperity and protecting our way of life.

Primary industries productivity and abatement

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Primary Industries Productivity and Abatement has 3 focus areas: 

Developing market and industry foundations 

The development of trusted data and frameworks is vital to underpin strong environmental market activity. 

This focus area will help land managers, investors and the supply chain demonstrate their environmental performance and understand and have confidence in the impact of environmental action. It will also invest significantly to build strong and transparent markets, alongside common and supply chain infrastructure to support abatement action at scale.  

Building critical mass and capacity 

We will empower farmers and land managers to take action by investing in high impact projects and partnerships, education and outreach. This focus area will help build confidence, capability and expertise within the sector to take up opportunities to improve carbon management and access environmental markets.  

Accelerating finance for natural capital and low carbon farming

We will work with the finance sector to help finance nature-positive and low emissions practices by farmers and land managers.  

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