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Investment opportunities

The NSW Government has an ambitious target to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050 and to establish a reliable, affordable and clean energy system. This is backed by a bold plan to create opportunities for investment in clean-tech, decarbonisation and the net zero economy. 

The private sector is a key delivery partner to establish a secure, affordable and clean energy system and a low carbon future for NSW.  

Investor enquiries 

Investment NSW is working with businesses to open doors to investment, provide support and remove barriers. Together with business, we can grow the economy, create jobs and reduce the cost of living and doing business in a low carbon economy. 

For information on how to invest find your local Investment NSW global expert.  

Project planning resources 

The NSW Government has developed a range of information to help industry navigate the renewable energy sector. 

Large-Scale Solar Energy Guideline 

The Large-scale Solar Energy Guideline provides the community, industry, applicants and regulators with information on the planning framework for the assessment and approval of State significant large-scale solar energy projects. 

Wind Energy Framework 

This framework provides greater clarity, consistency and transparency for industry and the community regarding both assessment and decision-making on wind energy projects. 

Find out more about the NSW Wind Energy Framework 

Wind Farm Guide for Host Landholders 

The NSW Government provided funding to the New South Wales Farmers' Association (NSWFA) to develop this guide for landholders who wish to host wind or solar farms on their properties. This guide has essential information that helps landholders negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with renewable energy developer. It shows how neighbours and local communities can also share in the benefits.  

Mapping resources 

The NSW Government has a range of mapping resources which can be helpful when deciding where to locate a new project including the NSW Renewable Energy Map. For more information, visit the maps page. 

For information on planning approval pathways for different types of projects in NSW, visit the planning website for more information  

Other useful information for renewable energy projects includes:  

Network connection 

It is advisable to contact the relevant transmission or distribution network early to determine if there is available capacity on the network in the location where you wish to connect. For further information, visit the page of the relevant network service provider in your region. 

Funding opportunities 

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) provide funding and financing opportunities for new clean energy projects.  

For more information on eligible projects and funding rounds, visit: