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Note: ISSC 32 is for the use of, and is distributed by, network operators.

The Guide for Network Operators to Provide Information to Third Parties Working Near Overhead Power Lines was prepared by a working group of representatives from New South Wales Network Operators, SafeWork NSW and the former Department of Water and Energy. The Guide has been reviewed in 2022.

ISSC 32 has been endorsed by the Industry Safety Steering Committee (ISSC) for use by the electricity network operators to provide guidance on the provision of information to Third Parties working near overhead powerlines.

The Guide supports the requirements described in the associated WorkCover Code of Practice - Work Near Overhead Power Lines, which provides practical guidance in order to protect the health and safety of persons working near overhead electricity mains. The Guide supports the Code by establishing the role of Tiger Tails or other temporary cable covers where used on overhead electricity mains. The Guide has been primarily designed to address the installation and use of cable covers when construction work activities are carried out by Third Parties near overhead street mains, and also includes the use of cable covers on services when incidental to such work.

The Guide also provides information additional to that in the Code with respect to cranes and scaffolding on construction sites. Although primarily designed for Third Parties the Guide can be used by Network Operators for the installation of cable covers and the provision of advice to Principal Contractors in other types of workplace situations where work near overhead power lines could occur, for example the erection of an amusement device in close proximity to overhead mains.

The Guide does not cover the use of cable covers on Communications networks. Principal Contractors should contact Communications Network Operators in regard to their respective minimum safety requirements.