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NSW Government approved EV charger and software list

The NSW Government has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Council to create a list of approved AC electric vehicle (EV) chargers and EV charger software that is eligible for funding under the NSW Government co-funding programs. 

Applicants applying for round 2 of the EV destination charging grants must select EV charger hardware and EV charging software from the NSW Government approved EV charger and software list

Only the EV charger hardware models and software platforms outlined on this list are eligible for funding under round 2 of the EV destination charging grants.

NSW Government approved EV charger list (Excel file)

NSW Government approved EV charging software (Excel file)

The NSW Government's approved EV charger and software list is periodically updated to reflect new suppliers and changes in the market. The latest version of the list was published on 3 April 2024 and will be used to assess round 2 EV destination charging grant applications received from this date onwards. 

Round 2 EV destination charging grant applications submitted prior to 3 April 2024 will have grant co-funding assessed using the previous version of the NSW Government's approved EV charger and software list. These can be accessed via the links below:  

For further information about the list please visit the Electric Vehicle Council

How to understand the approved lists

The lists are arranged in alphabetical order and shows the following information:

Approved EV charging software list

  • EV Software Supplier – approved software supplier
  • Software Platform – name of the software platform by the respective software supplier 
  • Description – details of the software subscription 
  • Base pricing – annual price of the software subscription. The grant’s 75% co-funding is capped at the highest prices shown on the list for each software platform. Note: some pricing models charge fess per charge port
  • Additional fees – additional software fees, usage fees or ongoing transaction costs (in the form per kWh or % revenue) that are not eligible for funding under the grants
  • Brands of approved charging hardware supported – identifies which EV charging hardware the software supports. Note: not all software providers support all approved EV charger hardware
  • Supplier turn-key solutions – identifies which software suppliers offer services for EV charging hardware, software and installation

Approved EV charger list

EV Charger Manufacturer – company who makes the EV charger hardware 

EV Charger Name – model name of EV charger hardware from the EV Charger Manufacturer 

Model Number – number associated with each EV charger hardware model 

Power (kW) – size of the charger, either 7kW or 22kW

Number of charging ports – a port provides power to charge only one electric vehicle at a time. An EV charger may include one or 2 charging ports (i.e. a single port or dual port EV charger)

Mounting type – installation guide on whether the EV chargers can be mounted to a wall (e.g. a driveway or garage wall) or installed on a pedestal (e.g. supported by a pole or stand installed in the ground). Some charger models can be installed in either configuration.

Charging cable type – ‘tethered cable’ EV chargers have in-built fixed charging cables. ‘Socket only’ EV chargers have detached cables where EV drivers carry and connect their own charging cable into the EV charger socket  

Eligible software supported by EV charger – specifies whether eligible software can be supported by EV chargers on the approved EV charger list. Note: not all software providers support all approved EV charger hardware.  

Supplier Name – suppliers that sell the EV charger and have been vetted prior to their inclusion on this list 

Supplier’s retail price (excl GST) – recommended retail pricing of each EV charger model. The grant’s 75% co-funding is capped at the highest prices shown on the approved EV charger list for each model

How to use the approved list 

The following steps explain how to use the NSW Government approved EV charger and EV charging software lists when applying for the EV destination charging grants. 

Step 1. Read the guidelines

Read the Funding guidelines round 2 and Applicant handbook round 2 to understand all grant requirements before selecting products on the approved list. 

Step 2. Determine your site requirements

Once you have a clear understanding of your grant eligibility, determine how many EV chargers your site requires and where to install them. 

Decide if you prefer to contact a licensed electrician or approved EV charger supplier for support to help determine the most suitable EV charger size and model for your site. 

Engage a licensed electrician or supplier to conduct a site visit to understand your electrical infrastructure and parking configuration to maximise value and efficiency of your installation. 

Read the Applicant handbook round 2 for more information.  

Step 3. Determine if you want to add software to your EV charger

The EV charging market in Australia is rapidly growing, however not all EV chargers are supported by all software platforms. If you would like to turn on the smart capabilities of your EV charger (like accepting payment) you will need software. 

To ensure compatibility, select your EV charger software platform first and then select your EV charger hardware. 

The lists show which EV charging hardware manufacturers are supported by each software platform, and your chosen software supplier will be able to further assist you with this selection if you require. 

Step 4. Choose your EV charger hardware and software (if applicable)

The grants can fund up to 4 EV charging ports. This can be achieved in a variety of configurations, for example with 2 x single port chargers and 1 x dual port charger; 4 x single port chargers; or 2 x dual port chargers. 

Step 5. Request multiple quotes for your preferred EV charger(s)

The retail prices shown in the EV charger hardware and software have been submitted by each vetted supplier. The grant's 75% co-funding is capped at the highest prices shown on the approved EV charger list for each model, not the quoted price that your supplier gives you. So if you are not confident that you are receiving value for money from a supplier’s quote, shop around. 

Important Note: If you are proceeding with both an EV charger(s) and EV charger software, then you will need to attach a quote for each to your grant application form. The Applicant handbook round 2 shows you what information is required in your quote. 

Make sure you understand what proportion of your EV charger hardware, installation, and software costs may be covered by the grants. 

The EV charger and installation can be combined within one commercial quote from a supplier or licensed electrician or can be procured separately. Software quotes must be from the approved software suppliers to be eligible for grant funding. 

Step 6. Submit your quote with your application form

With your information at hand and declarations understood, it’s time to fill in your application form. Applications are completed via an online platform called SmartyGrants. Follow the prompts to sign in or create a profile. Ensure all required information is completed before submitting. 

Read the Applicant handbook round 2 for more information on how to complete your application form or collaborate on an application form with team members or third parties via SmartyFile. 

Terms and Conditions


The Electric Vehicle Council has run an expression of interest (EOI) process to develop this list of eligible EV charging hardware and software products on behalf of the NSW government. The list is based on information and assertions provided to the EV Council by the equipment and software suppliers at the time of the EOI.

The Electric Vehicle Council and NSW Government do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied in this process, and do not accept responsibility for any damages or losses associated with the use of the information presented on this list. 

It is the responsibility of anyone using this list to conduct their own research and due diligence on each supplier and EV charging hardware or software platform prior to purchase or installation. It is also the responsibility of any applicant under the EV destination charging grants, to ensure that they understand and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the EV destination charging grants – round 2 guidelines before proceeding. 

The EV Council and NSW Government reserve the right to review, update and modify this list at any time for the purposes of delivering the NSW EV destination charging grants. This may include removal or addition of EV charger hardware models, manufacturers and suppliers, and EV charger software suppliers. 

Applicant complaints about any supplier or manufacturer on this list will be reviewed by the Electric Vehicle Council and/or NSW Government. Appropriate action, including but not limited to removal from this list may be taken.