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The NSW renewable energy project pipeline

The NSW renewable energy pipeline refers to projects that are not yet operational, but which are either in the planning system, have planning approval or are under construction.

Renewable Energy pipeline is stronger than ever

There is a huge pipeline of large-scale renewable energy projects in NSW. As at August 2018, there is around 14,000 megawatts of projects with investment value of around $18 billion progressing through the NSW planning system.

Most of these projects are wind and solar farms. In 2017, 14 large-scale renewable energy projects were approved in NSW, totalling 1,660 megawatts. This is equivalent to more than five per cent of the state’s energy demand. Twelve of these projects were solar farms.

As at August 2018, 10 projects totalling over 1,250 megawatts worth around $2.4 billion of renewable energy generation projects were under construction.

The NSW Government welcomes investment in energy projects as it boosts job growth, diversifies income streams in regional areas, and helps meet the state’s energy needs.

14 large scale renewable energy projects = more than 5% NSW energy demand

NSW wind farms

Wind energy generation has more than doubled since 2012, with ten major wind farms now operating across the state producing enough power for 330,000 NSW homes each year. As of August 2018, there is around 800 megawatts of wind generation under construction in NSW. These projects will almost double our state’s wind energy capacity. One of those projects is Sapphire Wind Farm in New England. At 270 megawatts, it will be the largest wind farm in NSW.

NSW solar farms

NSW has been at the forefront of large-scale solar from the outset.

Our state has seven operational solar farms including the Nyngan Solar Farm. At 102 megawatts, it’s the largest in NSW. There are six other solar farms at Broken Hill, Moree, Parkes, Dubbo, Griffith and Goulburn producing enough energy to power 90,000 NSW homes each year.

NSW is on track to almost double solar energy capacity with around 320 megawatts of projects under construction as of August 2018.

Gullen solar farm infographic

The 10-megawatt Gullen Solar Farm was opened in early 2018 and is the first in the country to be co-located with a wind farm. This means more energy can be produced for longer periods and infrastructure costs are reduced.