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Renewable energy guides for farmers

The NSW Government supports farmers

The NSW Government supports farmers to use renewable energy to reduce operational costs and drought proof their farm. Additionally, farmers may need to navigate negotiations with large scale renewable energy developers who want to use their property to host a wind or solar farm. These guides provide information to help navigate these decisions.

Renewable energy can help reduce operational costs and drought-proof farms. Some farmers can host renewable energy projects and may face negotiations with large scale renewable energy developers. 

These guides provide information that helps farmers navigate these opportunities.


Wind Farm Guide for Host Landholders

The NSW Government provided funding to the New South Wales Farmers' Association (NSWFA) to develop this guide for landholders who wish to host wind or solar farms on their properties. This guide has essential information that helps landholders negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with renewable energy developer. It shows how neighbours and local communities can also share in the benefits. 


Windfarm guide for host landowners

Hear from a wind farm host and why he chose to host a wind farm:

NSW Farmers Solar Pumping Guide

This guide to solar powered pumping of water in agriculture has been developed by NSW Farmers in collaboration with the NSW Government. 

Solar power can replace a significant proportion of the mains electricity and diesel currently used in stock, domestic and irrigation water pumping. This can provide cost savings to farming operations. 

NSW Farmers - Solar Powered Pumping: Irrigation solutions

Solar Diesel Hybrid Pumping Systems

This checklist was developed to help those considering solar diesel hybrid pumping such as irrigators or those wanting to go off-grid. 

These systems use solar energy when the sun is shining and then switch to diesel at other times. Significant energy savings can be achieved with this solution. 

Solar Diesel Hybrid Pumping Systems: A checklist for solar irrigation quotes

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