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We’re seeking to connect and work with other governments to accelerate the transition to net zero

We attended COP28 to learn from, collaborate and connect with other governments to accelerate our transition to net zero emissions.

The NSW Government is committed to help lead the fight against climate change. We work with local and international governments and organisations, businesses, households, and Traditional Owners, to protect the lands we walk on and the communities we walk with.

Together we’ll tackle the financial, social and environmental challenges posed by climate change and secure clean energy, drive economic growth and protect our air, our water, our soil, our plants and our animals.

Our hosted 2 events

Achieving net zero through nature

Launching the Nature-based Solutions Taskforce’s policy compendium, this event featured case studies and an expert panel discussion. We showed how taskforce members are deploying programs, investment strategies and policies to support net zero and nature positivity in their jurisdictions.

Watch a video of the event.

Achieving Net Zero through Nature - case studies from the nature based solutions taskforce of the NZ Futures Policy Forum

Green lights for green hydrogen

This event showcased how state and regional governments are making green hydrogen a reality. Senior officials from Australian and international jurisdictions discussed their experiences developing green hydrogen policies and projects, providing a glimpse of work underway. 

Hydrogen tanks

COP28 Dubai

The Conference of the Parties to the Convention (COP) is an annual gathering of the member countries who agreed to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Brazil in 1992. COP28 in Dubai was the 28th gathering to determine global commitments, responsibilities and progress in tackling climate change.

How we're taking action on climate change

Find a success story

Select a pin on the map to find out how we’re working with people, communities and businesses across NSW. 

Fast-tracking energy

NSW EnergyCo coordinates investment in Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) across NSW. They channel investment in solar and wind farms and storage such as batteries and pumped hydro to the places best suited to host it. This means we can harness and distribute clean energy reliably and affordably - powering NSW for decades to come.

Renewable energy zones

Read how our 5 renewable energy zones will deliver large amounts of new energy to power our regions and cities and keep NSW electricity reliable. 
Hydrogen tank on red soil

Read how we’re working with industry to support a thriving green hydrogen industry in NSW.

Woman and man kneeling in front of solar panel

Read about our plan to transform the NSW electricity system and secure, reliable, affordable clean energy. 

Transforming transport

Decarbonising the NSW transport system is essential to meeting our net zero by 2050 target. 

The transport sector is currently the state’s second largest source of CO2 emissions and is predicted to become the state’s leading source of emissions by 2035. 

The transport sector is responsible for about 20% of all NSW emissions with 88% of these emissions from road transport.

Image of trucks lined up in front of hydrogen pump

Read how we’re supporting the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for heavy vehicles along our major interstate highways.

Line up of evs

Read how we’re helping NSW drivers make the switch to electric vehicles. 

Investing in the future

One of our priorities is to accelerate the research, development and demonstration of low emissions technologies with the potential to become scalable, replicable and cost-effective. 

Funding new technology will help make NSW a clean energy superpower, create jobs and investment and stimulate huge economic growth for businesses and communities to thrive. 

Funding ideas today will help us realise the climate solutions of tomorrow.

Port Botany at night with reflections on the water

Find out how we’re helping transform NSW industry into an innovative, thriving low carbon economy

Product development - in the lab

Read how we’re helping NSW’s brightest minds make innovative climate solutions a global reality.

Sunrise over Port Kembla

Read how we’re working with mining and manufacturing industries, clean industry experts and regional partners to help design industrial decarbonisation plans.

Exterior of industrial sugar production

Read how we’re helping businesses make simple low-cost improvements and take practical steps to shift towards net zero emissions.

Landscape at Treloar Creek, NSW

Read how we’re helping our primary producers to improve carbon management and access environmental markets.  

Sunset view of Sydney traffic

Helping vehicle owners offset their daily commute.

Solar farm in rural Australia

The ‘Race to Zero’ is on and there is no better time to capitalise on the opportunity to establish and grow your business in New South Wales. 

Transitioning to a net zero nature economy

Climate change and biodiversity emergencies present enormous risk to governments and business. But they are also major opportunities to increase competitiveness, and drive innovation, while helping restore balance to nature.

The destruction of natural ecosystems is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change is already a major driver of nature loss. On the flip side, nature plays an essential role in combatting climate change. 

We cannot solve the climate crisis without considering nature. Nature plays an integral role in the transition to net zero.

Tree planting

Read how we’re helping farmers and primary producers benefit from carbon projects through enhanced biodiversity, increased productivity, increased community resilience, and Aboriginal cultural co-benefits. 

Yurkuwa Rangers from CCF Annual Report

Read about how we’re helping First Nations groups to develop carbon projects that will care for country, protect cultural heritage and provide economic opportunities.

waterfall in forested gorge

Read how NSW is recognising the economic value of our environment through its Natural Capital Statement of Intent

Stag fern in forest

Read about our framework to avoid, minimse and offset impacts on biodiversity.

Ring-tailed possum

See how Saving our Species is using science and research to secure the future of threatened species in the wild.

Aerial view of farmland and bush in regional NSW

Read how the NSW Government is working with private landholders to enhance and conserve biodiversity across NSW 

Adapting to climate change

The impacts of climate change are being felt closer to home than ever before. See how AdaptNSW is helping people understand and adapt to climate change in their local area.
Clouds in the Blue Mountains NSW

Net Zero Futures Policy Forum

There are tremendous opportunities before us to share our knowledge and experiences to help us all transition to a net zero and resilient future in a way that is fair and just for all.  
Net Zero Futures graphic