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Hosting electric vehicle fast charging sites

We’re working to make NSW the easiest place to buy and use an electric vehicle (EV) in Australia, with a $149 million investment to develop a world-class fast charging network.  

Under the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy, this investment will expand existing public fast charging across the state. This involves co-funding private industry to build and operate charging stations every 100km along major NSW highways, and every 5km along commuter corridors in metropolitan NSW.

With an expected increase in EV ownership across the state, your site could benefit by getting a head start on the market and appeal to EV drivers. 

EV charging site host expressions of interest

Businesses, commercial property owners and managers, local councils as well as site operators and owners across NSW will have the chance to be part of the world-class charging network.

Read our Drive electric NSW EV fast charging site host prospectus to discover why hosting public EV fast chargers could help you attract more visitors and increase their time at your site. It includes information on:

  • what we’re doing to boost uptake of EVs in NSW
  • why hosting public EV fast chargers could benefit your  site 
  • what EV drivers want available while charging
  • what you would need to do as a host of a public EV charging station
  • where public EV charging stations are needed
  • what makes a site suitable for hosting public EV fast charging.

Expressions of interest (EOI) are now open for site hosts. We are particularly interested in receiving EOIs for sites identified as optimal zones on the NSW EV fast charging master plan map. However, still complete an EOI even if your site(s) is not in one of the identified optimal zones. 

After you have submitted an EOI, your contact information will be made privately available to EV fast charging grant applicants. If you have registered your site in an earlier round it will remain on the list so there is no need to resubmit an EOI. To make changes to your EOI or remove your site from the list please email [email protected]. Make sure to read the privacy policy when completing your EOI.

Take a look at the frequently asked questions for more information. 


Drive electric NSW EV fast charging grants 

Over the next 4 years there may be multiple funding rounds to support the construction of EV fast charging stations.

Once funding rounds begin, charging providers that are applying for funding may contact you directly – using the details provided by you in your EOI – to discuss the opportunity to install and operate charging infrastructure on your site. Your information will only be provided to interested charging providers, and it will not be publicly available.

More information on the privacy of your information, and how it is stored and shared, can be found in the frequently asked questions.

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