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Future proofing business: motel's EV success

When Hamilton’s Queanbeyan Motel owners Jag and Kay installed an EV charger with the help of a destination charging grant from the NSW government, they gave customers another reason to choose their motel. Their chargers, powered by the motel’s rooftop solar, are now playing a vital role in the much-needed EV infrastructure for NSW. 


Moteliers standing outside reception
Queanbeyan motel owners Jag and Kay Singh

Installing 2 dual port 22kW EV chargers in the carpark is the latest upgrade by Owner-operators Jag and Kay Singh, to Hamilton’s Queanbeyan Motel.  

Jag says the chargers join other initiatives, including renovations, room upgrades and sustainability improvements, all aimed at attracting new customers, bringing utility costs down and future-proofing the business for the next decade. 

‘We've been through the bushfires and COVID and that's when I actually spent all that money – now I've got everything the property needs,’ he says, adding that they are now able to reap the rewards of those investments. 

Moteliers Jag and Kay

Two people standing in front of EV charger


How an EV charger helped to boost business  

Jag and Kay have decided that motel guests can charge their vehicles for free, making them a popular choice for the many new EV drivers in NSW.  

‘People are staying here and rather than going out of their way to find a charger, they can charge their car overnight,’ says Jag.  

The motel’s 2 dual port EV chargers are also available to passers-by for a small payment to cover costs. This puts the motel firmly on the map as part of Australia’s EV charging network. 


White electric vehicle parked at charging station

‘Since we’ve done the upgrades, including the EV chargers, our business has built up a customer base who love the property,’ says Jag.  


Electric vehicle chargers at motel

‘The motel has shifted from a 2.5 star property with average occupancy of 55%, to 4.5 stars and 85% occupancy. We’ve had over 400 Google reviews with a very high average rating.’ 


Person charging electric vehicle

Embracing innovation: what customers say  

Kay says although she initially wondered if they were moving too quickly, she began noticing more and more EVs on the roads, and the duo agreed to get the process underway. 

‘It’s an added service to the customers. If they can charge their car, they’ll likely pick your property to stay at,’ Kay explains. 

The Singhs believe that taking the initiative helps establish them as industry leaders in the region. 

‘I started with LED lighting, I was the first one in the region to do that, then putting the solar panels, we were the first one to do it, and now a lot of the other properties are doing it ... the same thing, with the EV chargers, we’re the first in Queanbeyan to install them,’ says Jag. 

About the grant 

The NSW Government is currently offering regional businesses co-funding for up to 75% of the cost to purchase and install EV chargers on their own premises. This funding is available through our Drive electric NSW EV destination charging grant.   

How the process worked  

Jag and Kay found the process of applying for the grant was smooth. After hearing about the grant, Jag learned about the criteria through the guidelines and the online webinar. He then obtained quotes from suppliers and electricians and submitted the grant application online. Once it was approved, he worked with an accredited supplier who managed the installation. 

Here’s how to apply 

NSW EV destination charging grants are now open to eligible regional destinations, with sites accessible to the public, for up to 75% of EV charger purchase and installation costs. 


Person using electric scooter at motel

‘This is the time to move, rather than in 3 or 5 years’ time when there’s no grant, but you still want the chargers,’ Jag says. 

Attract potential new visitors by making your business a welcoming place to stop and charge, stay for longer, and benefit from promotion to the growing EV driver community.

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