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History of ESS Rule changes

2022 Rule change 

The 2022 ESS Rule was effective from 14 April 2023.

The key changes included:  

  • adding incentives to switch to new fuels such as biofuel, biogas and other renewable sources like solar powered irrigation 
  • a process to allow for non-routine events and adjustments due to unforeseen events such as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can read more about the changes in: 

We consulted on the 2022 ESS Rule change in October and November 2022. You can find out more about the consultation by reading:  


Previous Rule changes 

Discussion papers on final ESS Rule changes, draft ESS Rule versions and public submissions can be downloaded via the links in the table below. 

These documents are only a guide and are not intended for any official ESS purposes. Older versions of the ESS Rule can be found at the Scheme Administrator’s website.

Rule changeNew version of ESS Rule in effect from:ESS Rule with tracked changes from previous version (for guidance only)Discussion paper - final changes madeDraft Rule for public consultation released onConsultation paper - draft Rule changesPublic submissions
202214 April 2023DownloadDownload

12 October 2022


2021a1 August 2022DownloadDownloadN/AN/AN/A
2020-2128 February 2022DownloadDownload23 June 2021DownloadDownload
2019-2030 March 2020DownloadDownload24 July 2019DownloadDownload
2017-1820 April 2018DownloadDownload8 December 2017


Download Appendix A

Download Appendix B

Download Appendix C

2016-1728 April 2017DownloadDownload25 November 2016


Download final

2015-1615 April 2016DownloadDownload6 November 2015DownloadDownload
2013-141 June 2014N/ADownload30 October 2013


Download consultation