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Be inspired by NSW households taking action to reduce their bills, be more sustainable and lower their environmental impact.

Road trip to Broken Hill proves EV range is no barrier

‘Range anxiety’, or the fear of running out of battery power and being stranded, has long been a significant perceived barrier to the widespread adoption of EVs. To address this concern and promote the benefits of EVs, the NRMA, in partnership with the NSW Government, organised an EV Drive Day in Broken Hill. 

Electric vehicle driving through regional or remote NSW

Solar is cutting energy bills for Dave

Dave and Isobel moved to their home in Surfside on the NSW South Coast a few years ago to embrace the warmer weather and coastal lifestyle of boating and caravanning.

Man and woman look outside their home which has solar panels

Catherine's home is powered by solar

When a friend told her about free solar systems through the NSW Government’s Solar for Low Income Households offer, it sounded too good to be true. “I thought, I’ve got to do this if I’m eligible - and I was!”

Photo of Catherine outside her home.

Solar is saving City West Housing tenants energy and money

The tenants of City West Housing were excited to get solar installed on the rooftop of their unit block in Carriageworks, Eveleigh. ‘I was a bit excited to open my new electricity bill just to see if there was savings. I’ve saved about 50% on my electricity bill so far.'

Aerial view of solar on residential building in Sydney