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Understand your emissions profile

Understanding where your emissions come from is an essential first step to preparing your net zero strategy. There will be a range of emission sources within your council or Local Government Area (LGA). These will include but aren’t limited to transport, energy, waste, industry, and agriculture.

An emissions profile or inventory identifies these sources. It can help better inform your decision-making and prioritise the actions you need to take to achieve net zero emissions.

You can do this in several ways:

  1. Identify and explore the largest emissions sources in your area.
  2. Analyse your emissions against key indicators to understand the underlying drivers of emissions in your LGA.
  3. Analyse source data for trends and to gain insight into the key factors driving community emissions.

Conducting this analysis will help you to benchmark your profile against similar LGAs. It may also help generate ideas about emissions reduction activities to include in your net zero strategy.


These resources can help you find out the emissions profile of your LGA:

A community climate tool developed by Beyond Zero Emissions and Ironbark Sustainability.

A collaboration of all 33 metropolitan councils of Greater Sydney to develop and implement a city-wide resilience strategy.

Practical steps for councils to address community-based emissions and map out their journey towards net zero.