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Electric vehicle fast charging grants

We’re working to make NSW the easiest place to buy and use an electric vehicle (EV) in Australia, with a $149 million investment to develop a world-class fast charging network across the state. 

A key action under the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy, this investment will support and encourage growth of the EV market by: 

  • overcoming range anxiety through the development of a broad, visible and accessible fast charging network across NSW 
  • ensuring connectivity between metropolitan and regional areas 
  • future-proofing the EV charging network past 2030 
  • co-funding private industry to build, own and operate the charging stations 
  • maximising grid support and reducing emissions.   

Funding fast charging stations

The Drive electric NSW EV fast charging grants will support charge point operators (CPOs) to construct fast charging stations across the state. 

Grant funding will be offered through a single-stage competitive application process. Applications will first be assessed for eligibility before being merit-assessed against the criteria as listed in the funding guidelines.

Applicants must fund a minimum of 50% of the total project capital cost and can apply for up to $30 million in funding across multiple locations in round 2. Co-funding can also include renewable energy generation and battery storage for EV charging stations. 

Funding will be prioritised for projects that can demonstrate both value for money and merit, including building regional charging stations, innovation in station design and diversity of locations proposed.   

Before you apply for funding

To help you prepare an application make sure you read: 


The guidelines provide important information about the application requirements and information about the assessment process.

The guidelines cover:

  • timeframes for submissions and assessment of competitive bids 
  • how co-funding is allocated as well as caps and exclusions 
  • minimum performance standards required for an eligible application 
  • eligibility and merit criteria 
  • what co-funding can and cannot be used for  
  • priority and optimal zones 
  • the grant selection process  
  • terms and conditions applicants must comply with if successful.

Funding rounds

The second round will allocate up to $80 million to co-fund the construction of EV fast charging stations. Round 2 will be open the week commencing Monday 5 December 2022 to March 2023 for CPOs to apply for funding to construct EV charging stations in identified priority zones.

There will be multiple funding rounds until 2024-25 to support the construction of EV fast charging stations across the state.  

Round one applications are now closed.

Priority zones and site hosts

The EV fast charging master plan identifies optimal zones that are ideal for charging stations across metropolitan and regional NSW.  

There are 380 optimal zones across the state, of which 275 have been identified as priority zones to receive co-funding from the NSW Government. From the first funding round, 86 stations were funded across 73 priority zones, leaving 202 priority zones eligible for funding in round two.   

The list of priority zones can be found in Appendix 4 of the guidelines.  

We have also launched a NSW EV fast charging site host prospectus, which outlines the many benefits of hosting EV charging stations, as well as host roles and responsibilities. We encourage site owners and operators across the state that are interested in hosting EV charging stations to complete an expression of interest

Interested CPOs can email electric.vehicles@environment.nsw.gov.au to request a copy of the locations and contact details collected from the site host EOI process. The CPO and site host can then discuss the opportunity to install and operate charging infrastructure at these sites. 

Please be aware we are not involved in the negotiations between charging providers and site hosts. We recommend obtaining professional guidance for these negotiations. 

Support for applicants

View the recording of our latest online information session for an overview of the funding model, application process and frequently asked questions.

The following documents are also available to assist potential applicants: 

If you have any further questions once you have read the guidelines, FAQs and supporting documentation please email electric.vehicles@environment.nsw.gov.au.

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