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NSW Climate Change Fund Annual Reports

Climate Change Fund Annual Report

The Minister for Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Heritage reports annually to the NSW Parliament on achievements under the Climate Change Fund (CCF). The CCF is one way the NSW Government is working to minimise and mitigate the effects of climate change. 

The Climate Change Fund Annual Report demonstrates the impact of the CCF and shares inspiring stories of action. 

The Office of Energy and Climate Change prepares the annual report each year according to requirements of section 34H of the Energy and Utilities Administration Act 1987. Activities under the fund are reported for each financial year of operation.

The annual reports provide information on fund allocations and anticipated benefits, with reference to the fund’s long-term outcomes.

Climate Change Fund 2022-23 highlights

The 2022-23 annual report covers the first year of the 8-year funding period (2022-2030). 

These programs will help us decarbonise our economy, transition to a renewable energy system and support communities and businesses to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate.

The Climate Change Fund has invested over: 

39 million

dollars to take action on climate change this year

160 million

dollars to help communities increase their resilience to the impacts of climate change

8 million

dollars on programs which provide energy bill relief for households and businesses

The achievements in 2022-23 spotlight just some of the ways the Climate Change Fund has supported communities, businesses, NSW government agencies and the environment.


In 2022-23, through the CCF we: 

Pictogram representing roadmap

helped unlock up to $32 billion in private investment in the Roadmap

Pictogram representing consumer savings

expected to save consumers $10.6 billion over 20 years

Pictogram representing battery
assessed 2,000 NSW schools for solar and battery systems

Pictogram representing electric vehicle
helped organise 6,000 EV test drives

Business and industry

In 2022-23, through the CCF, we: 

Pictogram representing electric vehicle
co-funded about 2,000 EVs

Pictogram representing electric vehicle charging
installed 1,200 smart chargers

Pictogram representing nature
engaged 3,400 farmers across 7 projects, creating 34 research reports and 20 pilot projects

Pictogram representing emissions
invested $15.9 million in low emissions technologies, securing $26 million in private investment


In 2022-23, through the CCF, we: 

Pictogram representing flood impacted house
invested almost $10 million across 65 flood risk projects

Pictogram representing council
partnered with 70 regional and 33 metropolitan councils

Pictogram representing government building
installed 77,800 MWh of solar on NSW public buildings

Pictogram representing energy bill savings
saved $12.3 million on government energy bills

Pictogram representing solar panel
generated over 55,000 MW of solar power

Environment and Biodiversity

In 2022-23, through the CCF, we: 

Pictogram representing tree planting
planted 1,000,000 trees

Pictogram representing nature
added 33,000 ha to national parks

Pictogram representing private land
protected 226,240 ha of private land

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