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Benefits of reducing emissions

Benefits of reducing emissions 

By reducing emissions and moving to net zero, councils can help to limit climate change and reduce the impacts of climate change in their region.  This approach can also unlock a range of benefits for local businesses and communities.   

Financial benefits 

  • Installing or purchasing renewable energy helps to manage energy costs and reduce emissions. 

  • In some circumstances, excess solar energy can be fed back into the grid to generate additional income for communities and shorten pay-back periods. 

  • Reducing energy consumption reduces operational costs. 

  • Attract private sector investment to your region. 

 Social benefits 

  • Cleaner air, green spaces and healthier environments for your community. 

  • Demonstrate that your council is responding to community expectations to act on emissions. 

  • Reduce transitional and liability risks within your Local Government Area (LGA). 

  • Join a growing network of climate leaders from across New South Wales and the world. 

Environmental benefits 

  • Prepare your community to be more resilient to climate risks such as bush fires, storms, floods and sea level rise. 

  • Better protect your natural environment’s threatened flora and fauna species, landscapes and waterways. 

  • Combat urban heating by increasing green cover in your area. 

  • Play your part to help limit global warming. 

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