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Be inspired by NSW businesses taking action to save energy, reduce their emissions, and be more sustainable.

Grant’s business got a head start with new energy efficient refrigerators

Setting up your own business can be a costly endeavour, especially during a pandemic. Accessing government funding made it easier for Bottlekegcan to improve energy efficiency and cut the cost of energy bills.

Person standing in front of fridges in bottle shop

Zero In on sustainable leaders

A place to celebrate and be inspired by ​NSW’s sustainability champions!​

Zero In is unearthing and sharing the stories and getting to know the human face of the people leading us to a sustainable, net zero future.

Man standing with EV charger

AGL steering towards an electric future

The NSW Government’s Net Zero Plan will see the state reach net zero emissions by 2050. As part of that commitment, the NSW Government will offer support for fleets to transition to battery electric vehicles (BEVs). One corporate fleet already on that road belongs to AGL, where 10% of its 400-plus vehicles are already electric.

AGL branded electric car

Port of Newcastle fleet heading all electric

As the first Australasian port to join the International EcoPorts network, the Port of Newcastle has committed to integrating sustainable practices in all its operations, including fleet cars.

Port of Newcastle branded EV

Tridon Australia cutting manufacturing energy costs

Tridon is one of around 90 sites across NSW —nearly half of them in the regions— which have taken advantage of government funding which helps businesses be more energy efficient.

Employee of Tridon standing with air compressor