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Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap

The Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap is the NSW Government’s plan to transform our electricity system into one that is affordable, clean and reliable for everyone.

What is the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap?

In November 2020, the NSW Government released the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap (the Roadmap). The Roadmap is the State’s 20 year plan to transform our electricity system into one that is affordable, clean and reliable for everyone. It will transition the electricity network to one that will keep the lights on and our bills more affordable for years to come. The Roadmap is enabled by the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020 (EII Act). 

A range of entities and stakeholders are working together to deliver the Roadmap. This will help to coordinate investment in transmission, generation, storage and firming infrastructure as our coal-fired power stations, which have been a reliable source of power for many generations, are ageing and scheduled to close.

3 part diagram. 1 - new generation to replace retiring col-fired power stations. 2 - New network infrastructure to deliver energy to consumers. 3 - New storage and firming to better respond to our electricity needs and improve reliability of the grid.

The Roadmap will support the private sector to deliver at least: 

  • 12 gigawatts of new renewable electricity generation, such as wind and solar
  • 2 gigawatts of long-duration storage, such as pumped hydro and batteries

The Roadmap will give industry and investors the certainty they need to invest in the infrastructure we need to bring long-term energy affordability and reliability for everyone, with more than $32 billion of private sector investment to be injected into the NSW economy by 2030.

Delivery of the Roadmap is well underway. We already have enough projects signed up to get us almost halfway to our renewable energy generation goal. Construction of the Waratah Super Battery is on track for opening in 2025, and the Consumer Trustee has opened registrations for its Tender Round 5.

The Roadmap is designed to maximise the long-term financial interests of NSW electricity consumers. It has strong governance in place to achieve this. Each entity has a distinct role in the coordination, monitoring and oversight of the Roadmap’s implementation, so that whether you live in the city, suburbs or regional NSW, you will share in the benefits of this once-in-a-generation upgrade of the NSW electricity network.

The Case Management service makes it easy to invest in NSW by providing a central point of contact for businesses investing in large-scale energy infrastructure that improves the reliability of the NSW electricity system.

Learn more about Roadmap consultation and the Roadmap policy framework.

The Roadmap is being delivered by several key entities appointed by the NSW Government.

The NSW Government is committed to meaningful and genuine engagement with First Nations communities in implementing the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

Supporting workers and creating new jobs.

AEMO Services, as the NSW Consumer Trustee, runs competitive tenders for Long-Term Energy Service Agreements and Renewable Energy Zone Access Rights.

Policy papers on Exemptions Administration Process and Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Network Infrastructure Projects

Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) are the equivalent of modern-day power stations.

Learn more about previous consultations and Roadmap resources.

The Waratah Super Battery will be the largest standby network battery in the Southern Hemisphere.

Partners delivering the Roadmap

The Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap is being delivered by several key entities appointed by the NSW Government.

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