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Vehicle Emissions Star Rating (VESR)

Make the smarter choice.

It's no secret the types of vehicles we choose to drive impact the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by vehicle exhausts each year. By extension, these choices also impact our health and finances.  

Today, you can make a more informed choice when looking for your next vehicle.  

Vehicle Emissions Star Rating (VESR) is a six-star rating system that not only helps Australians consider the environmental impact of their cars but also the running costs.  

How VESR works  

Simply search for a vehicle to compare information on:

  • tailpipe CO2 emissions
  • annual energy costs
  • fuel consumption.  

Compare now

The more stars a vehicle has, the lower the vehicle’s tailpipe CO2 emissions.  

Compare data across over 16,000 makes and models or consider your annual costs with a fully customisable calculator. Input the price you pay for fuel or electricity and the distances you drive for a personalised result.

Your choice can drive big changes.  

Choose VESR to:

  • make sustainable choices when deciding on your next vehicle purchase  
  • calculate the environmental and running costs of your current vehicle
  • compare the emissions and cost savings of up to 4 different vehicles in a single moment.
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See how your car compares today. 

VESR is an initiative of the NSW Government developed in consultation with the Australian Government and is endorsed by all state and territory governments. It has been applied to all light passenger vehicles sold on the Australian market since 2004.