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Funding cycles for Net Zero Industry and Innovation

As it’s rolled out, Net Zero Industry and Innovation will provide a range of funding opportunities for industry and business. Funding proposals will be accepted from the market during standard program funding cycles. More information on funding cycles will be available following consultation with industry and business on each focus area.

We are developing rigorous selection criteria for each of the 3 focus areas and funding proposals will be assessed against these strict criteria. Assessment processes will also ensure the Program supports a range of projects that collectively offer the greatest value for public money.

Time critical proposals

The NSW Government recognises that strategic investment cycles are critical to business continuity and productivity. Some proposals may be time critical and require a decision outside of standard funding cycles:

“Proposals of clearly established outstanding merit (e.g. those that deliver significant emission reductions at very low cost) that demonstrably cannot fit within standard program funding cycles may be considered for funding on an exceptional basis by the Department. Consideration would be in strict accordance with strong probity, evaluation and governance procedures.” (Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program, p.40).

In such cases, the onus will be on the proponent to demonstrate the proposed project:

  • is genuinely time critical (i.e. the proposal can only proceed if Program funds are provided outside standard program funding cycles)
  • represents an outstanding opportunity for the NSW Government to accelerate emissions reduction and meets the criteria established for proposals to be considered under the Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program.

Proponents are strongly discouraged from submitting proposals outside standard competitive funding cycles unless genuinely exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated.

If a proposal is submitted for consideration, an initial assessment will be conducted by the Department. This will determine whether a proposal may be:

  1. suitable for further assessment
  2. more suitable for consideration under other government programs, or
  3. should be deferred to a standard funding cycle.

Independent expert assessment panel

A proposal that is accepted by the Department for further consideration will be referred to an independent expert assessment panel for full assessment against rigorous merit criteria. This expert panel will provide recommendations to the Department about the merits of funding a potential time critical proposal. Final decisions will be made by the Department under delegations established by the Minister for Energy and Environment. Consistent with the government’s policy intent, consideration will be in strict accordance with strong probity, evaluation and governance procedures.

Enquiries about time critical proposals should be addressed to [email protected].