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Grant’s business got a head start with new energy efficient refrigerators

Starting a new business is always challenging, especially in a niche market. It may seem like an impossible feat at the start of a global pandemic. But this didn’t deter brothers Grant and Paul Michels, who opened an independent bottle shop, Bottlekegcan, in Jannali, southern Sydney, in 2020.  

Grant knew it was possible once he discovered he could cut his energy bills by implementing more energy-efficient appliances in the store. 

“My home bill is considerably more than the business at the moment, which is quite a shock,” Grant said.  “Now I’m looking to see what’s available for my house, and not just the business”.  

When he first began fitting out the store, he received a flyer about lighting incentives available to NSW businesses to upgrade existing lighting to more energy-efficient products. When the team came out to inspect the existing lighting, they discovered the system was already energy-efficient and no further changes were required.  

This was a lightbulb moment for Grant, who decided to see if he would be eligible for any other energy saving rebates or offers provided by the NSW Government.  

“I realised there may be another offer which I could apply for and that’s when I saw the commercial refrigerator rebate,” Grant said. 

The rebate enabled NSW businesses to access financial incentives to purchase energy-efficient fridges for their business, which would bring down the cost of energy bills. 

“It helped me narrow down my options to fridges included as part of the rebate but still matched the style and aesthetic I was looking for,” he added.   

Grant ended up buying five new double glass-door display black fridges which were included in the rebate. 

Since installing the new fridges, Grant has seen the difference in running costs and improved energy efficiency when compared to an older fridge Grant is also using at the site. The new fridges are more efficient and are helping to bring down the cost of Grant’s energy bills.  

“I can see that the new fridges control the temperature in a more eco-friendly way. Between the fridges I bought through the rebate and the eco-friendly lighting already in place, it’s definitely making a difference”.

Want to reduce your energy bills and improve energy efficiency? While this offer is no longer available, we have a range of incentives available to upgrade or purchase energy efficient appliances. Find an offer or incentive which is right for you.