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How NSW will benefit from the energy transition

Our electricity network is undergoing a transformation

Together with business, industry, and communities, we are delivering necessary changes to power our State with affordable, clean and reliable energy for everyone. As we build new renewable infrastructure, we know we need to take care of the things that matter to us – our homes, our communities, our land, our economy, and the environment.

Affordable energy

Firmed renewables have replaced coal as the most affordable source of new build energy. That is why we are upgrading our electricity network and harnessing our natural resources, like the sun and wind, to deliver the most affordable source of energy to every household, school, hospital, farm, and business across the State.

As with any market change, there is a period of adjustment and benefits from this change will flow through at different times. Households, businesses, and industry, which are beneficiaries of the Roadmap, will contribute to the cost of the network upgrade through their energy bills based on their energy use.

The cost is a small proportion of total electricity bills but will have the biggest impact long-term in keeping the lights on and putting downward pressure on energy bills for energy consumers across the State.

New jobs and training

Our move to a affordable, clean and reliable electricity system is bringing secure, long-term jobs to NSW, creating new apprenticeships, and empowering businesses to bring even more economic opportunity to our local communities.

In fact, 6,300 construction jobs and 2,800 ongoing jobs are expected to be created across NSW by 2030 – mostly in our regions - because of the Roadmap.


Technicians installing solar panels at a solar farm
Technicians installing solar panels at a solar farm. 
Credit: Unsplash

Host community benefits

Regional communities hosting renewable infrastructure will share in the benefits of this once-in-a-generation economic opportunity with:

  • New investment to regional NSW
  • New local jobs and training for local workers in manufacturing, agriculture and transport
  • Improvements to roads, telecommunication capacity and upgrades to local distribution networks.

Developer contributions of up to $265 million will be dedicated to community enhancement and improving social outcomes. 


Aerial view of the New England Renewable Energy Zone in and around Armidale.
Aerial view of the New England Renewable Energy Zone in and around Armidale.
Credit: Toby Zerna/EnergyCo


Together, we are building an electricity system we can all be benefit from, that will keep the lights on and put downward pressure on energy bills for years to come.