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Please find below previous Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap consultation documents.

Please find below previous Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap consultation documents. For documents relating to consultation on regulations made under the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020, please visit the regulatory framework page.

DateKey documents and links
June 2023Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap benefits modelling report
February 2023Lulls in variable renewable energy sources
December 2022   

Access Readiness Market Briefing Note: System Strength in the CWO REZ 

Access readiness Market Briefing Note: Hub to Project Infrastructure in the CWO REZ 

July 2022

CWO REZ Draft Access Scheme Declaration

CWO REZ Access Rights and Scheme Design Positions Paper

Guidelines for Access Scheme Declarations

April 2022

NSW REZ Access Standards intended to apply to Central-West Orana REZ Consultation package

Appendix – Template for NSW REZ Access Standards intended to apply to CWO REZ

Appendix – Technical note

December 2021REZ access rights and scheme design: Central-West Orana Consultation Paper
March 2021Evaluation criteria for the Consumer Trustee Paper
March 2021Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone Access Scheme Issues Paper
April 2021The tranche 2 regulations to support the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap Issues Paper
August 2021The Long-Term Energy Service Agreements Design Paper
September 2021Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone Draft Declaration
October 2021New England Renewable Energy Zone Draft Declaration

The department will continue to consult on other substantive program design and policy details to support the implementation of the roadmap. 

Further information

Further information on the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap can be found in the following documents:

Note that all estimates of private investment, transmission capacity, jobs, bill savings, pricing and related outcomes are based on indicative development pathway forecasts developed by Aurora Energy Research for the Department. The Consumer Trustee will publish a detailed plan on the development pathway and the long-term interests of consumers.

Development of the Renewable Energy Sector Board plan 

The Board has representatives from unions, the steel, electricity and manufacturing sectors, the renewable energy industry, and electricity customers and held its first meeting on 5 March 2021.

The Board developed a plan for the NSW renewable energy sector to achieve objectives in relation to the construction of generation, storage and network infrastructure in a cost-effective way.  These objectives include:

  • the use of locally produced and supplied goods and services 
  • employment of suitable qualified local workers 
  • opportunities for apprentices and trainees.

The Minister approved the plan.

The Board’s plan also advises the NSW Government on additional actions intended to drive sustainable growth and competitiveness of local industries and realise benefits for local workers and communities. 

The NSW Government supports, or supports in principle, all 15 of the Board’s recommendations. Download a copy of the NSW Government’s response to the NSW Renewable Energy Sector Board’s advice.

To inform development of the Board’s plan, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (formerly known as the Office of Energy and Climate Change) commissioned the following studies: