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Collaboration is key to Port Authority’s prize-winning plan for net zero

Port Authority of NSW has embarked on an ambitious, sector-leading net zero emissions journey. As a Sustainability Advantage Bronze Partner, they have worked with Sustainability Advantage to create an award-winning Sustainability Plan that has, in turn, driven a series of transformative actions. The plan is the result of close collaboration of staff, along with Port Authority’s customers and suppliers. 

“Our Sustainability Plan, developed during extensive consultation with our staff, authentically speaks to who we are and what we want to achieve. It is something that our staff can feel genuine ownership of and pride in delivering,” says Port Authority CEO, Captain Phillip Holliday. 

Aerial view of cruise terminal
White Bay cruise terminal. Photo: Brett Boardman

“We have worked very hard to achieve these outcomes and see our partnership with Sustainability Advantage as an important enabler on our journey to embed sustainability across the organisation,’’ Captain Holliday said.

Ship carrying containers, person on smaller boat
Port Authority is well placed to influence the industry on sustainability, managing the navigation, security and operational safety needs of commercial shipping in NSW ports. Photo: Port Authority of NSW

Their whole process has been collaborative, with staff working with Sustainability Advantage to align the Sustainability Plan to the aspirational United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and preserving our oceans and forests. 

This plan, now deeply embedded in Port Authority’s DNA, has driven many impactful projects. They have sourced renewable energy from wind and solar, set a net zero roadmap and established an internal carbon emissions reduction working group. 

In a world first, Port Authority of NSW is investing nearly $60 million to supply renewable Shore Power to docked cruise and dry bulk ships, saving up to 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. Sustainability Manager for Port Authority Ryan Bennett explains that ships can power down their auxiliary engines by plugging into renewable energy from the shore, reducing emissions, noise, odours, and air pollution. 

Based on their commitment and ambition, Port Authority was part of the Sustainability Advantage Value Chain Emissions Pilot. Port Authority is working closely with Sustainability Advantage, suppliers, and customers to measure and reduce emissions across the value chain. 

Port Authority’s sustainability efforts have been recognised by the Banksia Foundation, winning the NSW Sustainability Award for large business transformation in 2022 and being a finalist in the National awards.