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Energy assessment for apartment buildings

Do you live in an apartment? Not sure why your building is using lots of energy?  

The common property in your building may be wasting energy, and water, by not running efficiently.

Get your building rated according to a national standard, which will show where improvements and savings can be made.

What is a NABERS rating

NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) has been around for over 20 years. The use of the rating system has helped the commercial building sector cut energy and water use at an unprecedented rate.

NABERS for Apartment Buildings rates the energy and water efficiency of an apartment building’s common property. This typically includes all utilities paid for by the owners corporation. It doesn’t include energy and water used inside individual apartments.

A star rating is given on a scale of one to six. A six-star rating means that the building is a market leader. One star means there is potential for improvement.

Why get your apartment building rated

The NABERS rating will pinpoint aspects of the building’s energy and water management that could be more efficient. It’s the first step to reducing energy use and running costs. Buildings with good ratings are also likely to have higher rental and purchase value.

What’s involved in getting my apartment buildings rated

If you are an apartment owner:

  • Talk to your strata committee to get approval from the owners corporation.

  • Visit the NABERS website to find an assessor or phone 02 9995 5000 and ask for the NABERS team.

  • You will need to have 12 months of electricity, gas and water bills available for the assessor to read. The strata plan and electrical diagrams may also be needed.

  • The NABERS assessor will visit the apartment building, carry out a review and then submit the rating to the NABERS team. They will quality check and certify the rating.

Renters – ask your landlord, letting agent or owners corporation about getting a rating.

How much does it cost

Fees can be found on the NABERS website.

Email the NABERS team to find out more, or call 02 9995 5000.