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Energy Savings Scheme

Under the NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995, the Minister can grant full or partial exemption from Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) liabilities for an industry or activity that is both emissions intensive and trade-exposed.

Exemptions from the ESS are intended to ensure that NSW industrial energy users are not at a competitive disadvantage. The Energy Savings Scheme exemptions process paper outlines the exemption process. These exemptions are based on the framework used for the Australian Government's Renewable Energy Target.

There are additional exemptions available to green hydrogen producers that receive concessions through the green hydrogen electricity concession application process.

Effective 1 January 2024 the Energy Savings Scheme Exemptions Order 2023 grants current exemptions from the Energy Savings Scheme.

Peak Demand Reduction Scheme

Exemptions from the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme are aligned with those for the Energy Savings Scheme. 

Effective 1 November 2023 the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (Electricity Load Exemptions) Order 2023 grants current exemptions from the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme. 

Renewable Fuel Scheme 

We are currently developing the Renewable Fuel Scheme. If it includes an exemption framework, we will share details before scheme liability commences in 2025. 

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