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NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy

The NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy is the NSW Government’s plan to accelerate the State’s vehicle fleet of the future. It outlines the government’s commitments to increasing the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) to ensure New South Wales shares in the benefits.

EVs provide benefits for individuals and the community. Battery and fuel cell EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, have lower running costs than petrol and diesel vehicles, and provide health benefits through lower air and noise pollution. 

Increasing the uptake of EVs also presents new job opportunities, improved fuel security and can help balance household energy supply.

The Strategy outlines key areas of action to make NSW the easiest place to buy and use an EV in Australia. 

The Strategy is intended to increase EV sales to 52% by 2030–31 and help NSW achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Key Electric Vehicle Strategy actions

Building a world-class electric vehicle charging network

The NSW Government will invest $209 million to ensure widespread, world-class EV charging coverage to future proof the EV network. This includes $149 million being invested into EV fast charging grants, which will co-fund charge point operators to install and operate ultra-fast charging stations at 100 km intervals across the state, and every 5 km in metropolitan areas.

Further information is available on the EV Fast Charging Grants page.

Regional tourism benefits

Investing to create a world-class charging network, $20 million will be allocated to EV destination charging grants. Eligible regional tourist locations such as motels, restaurants and attractions will be assisted to co-fund the purchase and installation EV chargers to attract EV drivers to their sites.

The NSW Government is planning ‘EV tourist drives’ across the state to ensure regional communities share in the benefits of EVs. 

Further information is available on the electric vehicle destination charging grants page.