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Road trip to Broken Hill proves EV range is no barrier

The NSW Government is taking action to lower vehicle emissions and accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in NSW. By offering credible, independent information and resources, consumers are able to make informed decisions when purchasing or using an EV. 

‘Range anxiety’, or the fear of running out of battery power and being stranded, has long been a significant perceived barrier to the widespread adoption of EVs. To address this concern and promote the benefits of EVs, the NRMA, in partnership with the NSW Government, organised an EV Drive Day in Broken Hill. 

The EV Drive Day in Broken Hill was part of a series of 14 similar events designed to showcase the capabilities of EVs and demonstrate that long-distance travel with EVs is achievable with the right charging infrastructure. The events were held across NSW and brought together some of the largest EV and accessory producers in Australia for curious members of the public. Over 3,500 people attended the events, with 2,550 people experiencing first-hand what it’s like to drive an EV.

2 people sitting in electric vehicle
Over 3,500 people attended Drive Day events, with 2,550 people experiencing first-hand what it's like to drive an EV

After travelling 1,127 km over 2 days with charging stops in Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange, Cobar and Wilcannia, the event in Broken Hill was a pivotal milestone in delivering EV Test Drives to NSW regions. It demonstrated long distance EV travel in remote areas was possible today, and would become the norm in the future, as the EV charging network expands across NSW. 

The EV Drive Day itself gave attendees the opportunity to test drive various EV models, with the feedback overwhelmingly positive. One test driver stated that they were ‘really impressed; considering the roads out here can be a little bit bumpy, the car was really quite smooth to drive around town’. 

Industry experts and representatives from the NSW Government were present to provide information on EV incentives and initiatives, addressing questions about the future of EVs in NSW.

Lani Kirby, NRMA Community Manager, and project lead on the EV Test Drive Day highlighted that supporting the transition to EVs has positioned NRMA at the forefront of providing advice and EV experiences for NSW residents. By allowing members to touch, feel and experience an EV, they can see firsthand what it's like to drive one. The results have been encouraging, with 35% participants stating they are less worried about the driving range of EVs.

Person charging EV
14 public Drive Day events were held across NSW to showcase the capabilities of EVs

By showcasing the ability of EVs to travel long distances with appropriate charging infrastructure, EV Drive Days have have played a crucial role in advancing the transition to sustainable transportation. With ongoing efforts and education initiatives such as these, range anxiety can continue to be alleviated, accelerating the widespread adoption of EVs as we transition to a net zero future. 

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