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Buying dishwashers

Lots of factors go into choosing the right dishwasher for your home. In the long run, an energy efficient appliance will save you energy, water and money.

Aim for the stars

Every dishwasher sold in Australia displays an Energy Rating and Water Rating label. These labels provide information about how much energy and water an appliance will use.


Dishwasher energy rating


The Energy label has 2 elements – a star rating and an energy consumption number. Make sure you are comparing similar sized models.

First, check the stars. The more stars, the more efficient it will be.

Second, check the red box on the label. It has a number that shows how many kWh of electricity it will use in a year. The lower the number, the cheaper it will be to run.


Water rating label


Dishwashers also have a Water Rating label – again, the more stars, the more efficient it will be.

The number in the blue box tells you how many litres of water the dishwasher uses for each load.

Energy efficient dishwasher

Go for at least 3½ energy stars and 3½ water stars. Aim for high energy and water efficiency score.

Choose a unit with options such as half-loads and eco wash.

Smaller households can save space, money and resources by buying a slimline or single drawer dishwasher.

If you have a time-of-use electricity tariff, look for models with a delay-start option and run the dishwasher during low-cost periods.

Dishwasher hints

Only run your dishwasher once it is full.

Save water by not rinsing plates before packing – just scrape off the food scraps and let the dishwasher do the work.

Clean your dishwasher’s filter regularly to keep it running efficiently.


When replacing your dishwasher, consider recycling the old one. Search Recycling near you to find your closest recycling point.

Energy rating calculator

Using the Energy Rating Calculator lets you compare the expected running costs of different models before you buy.