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Solar is saving City West Housing tenants energy and money

The tenants of City West Housing were excited to get solar installed on the rooftop of their unit block in Carriageworks, Eveleigh. This installation was supported through our Home Energy Action initiative and provides electricity to 88 apartments. It has given residents the opportunity to significantly lower their power bills while reducing their carbon footprint. 

City West Housing tenant Alice was particularly keen.

‘I was a bit excited to open my new electricity bill just to see if there was savings. I’ve saved about 50% on my electricity bill so far,’ says Alice.

Home Energy Action delivered 121,244 energy efficiency initiatives to 94,806 NSW households vulnerable to energy stress. This led to total bill savings of over $24.13 million and energy savings of 107,588 MWh, which is equal to the total energy required to run Sydney International Airport for a year.

This initiative finished in 2022 and led to total bill savings of over $24 million.

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