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Electric vehicle kerbside charging grants

Key information

  • Round 2 of the NSW kerbside charging grants are now open with $4.5 million in funding available.
  • Applications close 9 December 2024.

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Electric vehicle kerbside charging grants

We know most electric vehicle (EV) charging will be done at home. However, approximately one in 3 drivers across NSW do not have access to off-street parking to charge an EV.  

That’s why we’re investing $10 million across multiple funding rounds to install EV kerbside chargers in areas of NSW with the least access to private, off-street parking.  


Benefits of kerbside charging

  • residents will be satisfied knowing they have access to essential charging options 
  • supports our progress towards achieving your net zero and sustainability goals
  • community adoption of EVs will increase
  • you'll secure your reputation as a leading local government.
  • access to convenient public charging options  
  • gain newer, more efficient transportation options 
  • reduce transport costs 
  • attract EV drivers to spend time and money at local businesses 
  • improve local air quality. 

As you work to increase your presence in the NSW network, the kerbside charging grants will help you: 

  • improve commercial viability of kerbside charging installations through co-funding 
  • become an industry leader 
  • gain first mover advantage. 
Person putting surfboard into electric vehicle parked at outdoor pedestal charger

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About the grant

1. What’s on offer?

The NSW Government will make $4.5 million in funding available for round 2 with up to $800,000 per applicant. 

Funding must be no more than 80% of the total installation and equipment cost for each requested EV charger, capped depending on their priority zone tier outlined in the kerbside charging map section.  

2. Who can apply?

To be eligible for co-funding applicants must be charge point operators that must be either:  

  • an entity incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth); or  
  • a state-owned corporation or subsidiary of an Australian state or territory owned corporation  

3. The guidelines

To help you prepare an application make sure you read:  

You can find the full details around the grant and eligibility in the funding guidelines. Please read the guidelines in full to understand all requirements and how they relate to your application.  

4. Kerbside Charging Map

To ensure equitable distribution across areas of highest need for kerbside chargers, three priority zone types are shown on the map. These have been identified based on population density, housing type, housing tenure and vehicle ownership and attract different NSW government co-funding amounts as shown in the table below.  

Priority zone tierDescriptionCo-funding cap
GreenAreas where the most NSW Government co-funding support is needed$10,000 (ex GST) per charge port
YellowAreas where moderate NSW Government co-funding support is needed$8,000 (ex GST) per charge port
BlueAreas where less NSW Government co-funding support is needed$6,000 (ex GST) per charge port

All chargers must be installed in these zones. The list of eligible zones may be reviewed and modified for subsequent funding rounds to ensure program objectives continue to be met.

5. Funding agreement

Successful applicants will be required to execute the funding agreement prior to any co-funding payments being made.  

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Round 1 results

To date, we have allocated $4.1 million towards the installation of 671 charge ports across 391 sites in 16 local government areas (LGAs). 

All chargers will be powered by 100% renewable electricity and will be available to the public 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Resources for councils 

Councils will play an integral role in the deployment of public, kerbside chargers. Below are resources which councils may find useful when engaging with CPOs.

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