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GreenPower is accredited renewable electricity available for consumers that want to voluntarily reduce their emissions from energy use and support Australian renewable energy.

GreenPower is renewable energy made easy

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GreenPower is 100% renewable electricity that consumers can access to help them reduce their emissions and support Australian renewable energy projects.   

GreenPower retail products are accredited and audited by the National GreenPower Accreditation Program, a program managed by NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water on behalf of a national steering group of state and territory governments.  

How GreenPower works

GreenPower assesses renewable energy generators, like solar or wind farms, against stringent environmental standards. If a generator receives accreditation, it can create renewable energy certificates with the GreenPower tick.  

Electricity retailers and certificate traders can then offer GreenPower products to their customers. 

The role of the Program is to ensure that for each unit of GreenPower sold, an equivalent renewable energy certificate is voluntarily surrendered on behalf of the customer. This helps add more renewable energy to the grid.  

The GreenPower tick shows which products are accredited through the program: 

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