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Electric water heater replacement with a solar electric boosted water heater - certificates

Residential and small business

Estimate the energy savings certificates (ESCs) for the Residential and small business solar water heater activity (D18 in the Energy Savings Scheme ) by answering the following questions. This activity is for replacement of an existing electric water heater with a solar electric-boosted water heater.

Note that this activity is only eligible for the Energy Savings Scheme, and is not eligible for the Peak Demand Reduction scheme. As this is a replacement activity, installation of a new water heater will not generate certificates.

Where possible, residential electric heat pump water heater specifications are automatically updated at the end of each week from the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) Product Registry based on brand and model, but you may also enter your own values.

Please keep in mind that the results are indicative only and cannot be promoted or published.