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Net Zero Industry and Innovation Investment Plan

Investing in a low carbon future for NSW industry

The Net Zero Industry and Innovation Investment Plan is our state’s first industrial emissions reduction plan. It demonstrates how we will support and partner with our manufacturing and mining sectors to cut emissions and boost resilience. 

A thriving low carbon economy is critical to help us meet our emissions reduction targets. It also helps industry future proof itself in the global shift to net zero.

We are investing $360 million to deliver this plan through the High Emitting Industries and New Low Carbon Industry Foundations focus areas of the Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program.

Delivering net zero industry and innovation 

This plan shows how we will work collaboratively to reduce emissions from traditional industries in NSW by:

  • investing $305 million to help our highest emitting manufacturing and mining facilities significantly reduce their emissions and strengthen their resilience into the future. Learn more and apply for funding
  • investing $55 million into the Hunter and Illawarra to help accelerate their shift towards innovative clean technologies. See our industrial decarbonisation plans to learn more about how we’re working with mining and manufacturing industries, clean industry experts and regional partners.
  • attracting between $2 - $6 of private investment for every NSW Government dollar invested under our investment plan.

Investment priorities  

Through our 3 investment priorities, we will work with industry to accelerate decarbonisation opportunities and lay the foundations for a new low carbon economy into the future. 

Net Zero Industry Innovation Investment Plan priorities. Priority 1: Deploy opportunities to reduce industrial emissions. Low cost, low carbon technologies are available now. We will work with industry to implement these opportunities and accelerate NSW's shift to a net zero carbon economy. *200 million. Priority 2: Accelerate strategic abatement opportunities. The most significant abatement opportunities for NSW industry will take time to develop and deploy. We will partner with industry to accelerate the implementation of these strategic emissions reduction opportunities. $105 million. Priority 3: Develop low carbon infrastructure and industrial precincts. Developing low carbon infrastructure and industrial precincts will accelerate the decarbonisation of high emitting industries and their supply chains. By working together, we can lay the foundations for new low carbon industries. $55 million. *Indicative funding for each priority until 2030.

Developing renewable and low carbon manufacturing industries in NSW

We’re investing $250 million funding to expand and increase our local manufacturing capacity of:

  • low carbon products and materials
  • components for renewable energy.

Lean more about the Net Zero Manufacturing Initiative.

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