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EV public charging master plan

NSW will be the easiest place to buy and use an electric vehicle (EV) in Australia, with a $209 million investment to develop a world-class fast charging network. Under the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy, this investment will deliver charging solutions across the state.

The master plan map supports industry and planners by showing:

  • where future EV chargers would bring the most benefit
  • ideal zones for public EV charging stations
  • current and indicative future networks of public EV chargers in NSW. This includes fast chargers (above 50kW) and destination chargers (below 50kW).

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Access to the master plan map

You can access the master plan map below or in full screen here.

Sites within and around the optimal zones indicated on the master plan map will be prioritised for public EV charging.

How to use the master plan map

Learn how to use the different features on our interactive master plan map by viewing our instructional video.

You have the option to turn different datasets on and off, allowing you to analyse separate datasets at the same time. The datasets are free to download.

Future areas for charging infrastructure (referred to as optimal zones), and the proposed number of chargers for each zone has been determined using a robust methodology. This includes analysing a range of technical, social, and economic considerations. Each optimal zone has been chosen based on:

  • projected electric vehicle adoption in the area
  • traffic movements
  • tourism data
  • vehicle ownership
  • local points of interest
  • location of major cabling across NSW
  • available substation capacities.

If you’re having trouble accessing the map, please try the following:

  • refresh the page while pressing the Ctrl button 
  • disconnect from your VPN - if you are you trying to access the map via a work VPN there can sometimes be access issues with ArcGIS and other firewalls 
  • try another browser - Google Chrome sometimes needs an update or has required add-ons which can reduce map functionality or cause the whole page to remain blank. 

If you have any questions or comments about the EV charging master plan map, contact the team at [email protected]

Discover more information about hosting public EV fast charging

Sites within and around the optimal zones indicated on the master plan map will be prioritised for public EV fast charging.

NSW Government will co-fund new public fast and ultra-fast charging stations with multiple charging bays installed and operated by charging point operators (CPOs) through the EV fast charging grants.

Find out more about the NSW Government's EV programs here.

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