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Are you looking to make your government building more resource efficient? Find out how with our sustainability services.

NSW Government agencies are required to implement measures to improve resource efficiency. We can provide guidance, funding and support to assist your agency.

There are many ways you can improve resource efficiency in your assets, including:

  • upgrading to LED lighting
  • upgrading building management system and controls
  • metering and monitoring
  • optimizing HVAC systems for efficient heating and cooling
  • improving NABERS ratings
  • installing rooftop solar power improving water efficiency
  • improving indoor air quality.

We can help you identify and deliver a sustainability project to make substantial energy and cost savings.

Our free courses and guides may also help you identify some easy ways to get started.

Choose an energy-saving project

We offer a range of resource efficiency solutions that include:

  • energy audits – to identify and prioritise energy conservation measures
  • project development – feasibility assessment and concept design for energy conservation measures such as lighting upgrades and solar installations
  • solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – where the service provider installs and maintains your solar system for zero upfront cost and your agency pays for the energy at a discounted rate over a fixed term
  • technical advice – we can provide advisory support for energy conservation measures and review your sustainability strategy or net zero plan.
Get advice and guidance

Our team of energy efficiency experts can help you identify, develop and successfully implement your project. We will work with you to:

  • help you discover innovative solutions to traditional problems
  • build the business case for your projects
  • obtain approvals
  • engage suppliers
  • reduce the risks associated with implementation
  • provide measurement and verification, and post-implementation support
  • help you achieve your resource efficiency targets.
Find an energy service provider

Your agency may need to engage an energy service provider to deliver your project. Energy service providers offer support with:

  • energy audits
  • design and engineering
  • installation maintenance, support and ongoing monitoring
  • measurement, verification and guarantees of resource savings.
Access funding – low-cost loans

Many government agencies are eligible for low-cost government loans. We can help you secure low-cost finance by assisting you to develop a business case and making sure your project meets the funding requirements.

Contact us for assistance on 1300 361 967 or via Email.