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Why we are upgrading our electricity system

Transforming our electricity system to meet our future energy needs

The energy sector is transforming in Australia and around the world, presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the people of NSW.

Our State’s coal-fired power stations, which have been a reliable source of electricity for our community and businesses for generations, are ageing and scheduled to close. As they reach the end of operations, they are expensive to maintain, driving up the price we pay for electricity.  

Three out of four of the State’s remaining coal-fired power stations are scheduled to retire in the next ten years. As they eventually close for good, we need to be ready to meet our future energy needs.

Renewables have replaced coal as the most affordable source of energy for our homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and farms across the State. By moving to renewables, we will reduce the State’s vulnerability to electricity price spikes in times of high demand.

That is why we are steadily moving towards harnessing our State’s abundant natural resources, like solar and wind, to power our State.

We have the resources, workforce and world-leading industry capabilities and technology to transition our electricity network in a way that benefits the people of NSW.


Solar grazing in the New England Renewable Energy Zone
Solar grazing in the New England Renewable Energy Zone. 
Credit: Toby Zerna/EnergyCo


The Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap, is accelerating investment in renewable energy, and will modernise our electricity network.

Together, we are building an electricity system we can all be proud of, that will keep the lights on and put downward pressure on energy bills for years to come.