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Climate and energy action for households

Take climate action with small lifestyle changes

Explore how you can make a difference that works for you.

Whether you rent or own, live in an apartment or a house, we can all make small changes to have a big impact on how we use energy, save money and reduce emissions.

Ways we’re helping you financially

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Reduce your energy bills with rebates for eligible households.

A renter changing a lightbulb

Access household energy savings by upgrading to more energy efficient appliances.

A mother and adult child reviewing electricity bills

Eligible households can receive a one off payment to help with their electricity bills.

How to save power in your home today

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Discover what’s using the most energy

The first step to reducing your electricity bill is to understand what part of your home is using the most power.

Find out now

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Measure your energy use with smart meters

Smart meters allow you to measure when you use electricity and how much. Monitoring your energy use provides more accurate and reliable readings.

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Take action with easy ways to save energy and money

After identifying what’s using the most energy and monitoring it, you’re ready to take action with these energy saving tips.

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Take action today

Learn about popular energy saving actions.