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Energy Savings Scheme saved participating households and business $574 Million In 2021

21 October 2022

Media release: Office of Energy and Climate Change

The Energy Savings Scheme saved an estimated 3.8 million megawatt-hours of energy in 2021, with estimated bill savings for households and businesses who installed energy efficient appliances estimated at $574 million.

The savings were detailed in the 2021 Energy Savings Scheme Annual Report just released by the NSW Government showing that the scheme continues to reduce energy costs to NSW households and businesses, slash energy consumption, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The Energy Savings Scheme places downward pressure on electricity prices by reducing electricity demand.

This offsets the scheme’s costs, leading to net bill savings for all electricity consumers in NSW.

The findings in the report show that the scheme continues to benefit households and businesses in NSW during tough economic times.

The Electricity Supply Act established the Energy Savings Scheme in 2009. The Act requires that the Scheme Regulator, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), prepare an annual report on the operation of the scheme.

IPART is the Scheme Regulator and Administrator of the Energy Savings Scheme and prepared the annual report.

The NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change develops the policy behind, and maintains, the legislation governing the scheme.