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NSW home solar battery guide

The NSW home solar battery guide

The NSW home solar battery guide helps households interested in buying a battery system. It covers:

  • understanding your energy use
  • how a home power station works planning for a battery – technologies, sizing and backup power
  • will a battery save me money?
  • buying a solar battery – what to look out for
  • using a solar battery – and where to go when things go wrong
  • frequently asked questions, a glossary and where to find more information.

Download the complete NSW Home Solar Battery Guide (PDF 7.8MB).

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Fact sheets

Get a quick overview of the NSW home solar battery guide with these 5 handy fact sheets:

Practical examples

A solar battery system needs to be tailored to your home’s energy usage, the size of your rooftop solar system, and when and how you use electricity. These practical examples will help you understand the type of system, size and costs you should expect for your situation.