Public Lighting Code

The NSW Public Lighting Code (PDF 707kB) supports the reliable and efficient supply of public lighting services. First published in January 2006, the NSW Public Lighting Code (Code) informs the relationship between public lighting service providers (licensed electricity distributors) and their customers (primarily local councils and Transport for NSW).

A new version of the Code came into effect from 1 July 2019. The changes supported service standards and made the code consistent with the National Electricity (NSW) Law 1997 and changes to the role of distribution networks. In May 2020, the department made minor amendments to the Code to clarify its application.

To make sure that the terms of the code were still appropriate for achieving policy objectives, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment reviewed the Code. In its review, the department considered feedback from the public exhibition of the draft code, as well as consultation with the Public Lighting Forum, a consultative group that includes representatives of public lighting service providers and customers. 

As a result of the feedback and review, an amended code will come into effect from 1 July 2021. The amended NSW Public Lighting Code makes service provider compliance with service standards more transparent and delivers a streamlined structure for service standards.

You can download the amended NSW Public Lighting Code