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Energy certificate schemes

Understanding the NSW Government energy certificate scheme

We developed a certificate scheme to make energy efficient upgrades more accessible to households and businesses. This is provided through the Energy Savings Scheme.

We have also developed a second scheme to make it easier for households and businesses to reduce their energy use during hours of peak demand. This is provided through the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme. 

How the certificate scheme works

We develop the framework that approved suppliers work under to provide and install energy saving upgrades for households and businesses. The suppliers calculate how much energy you will save following the planned upgrade. These calculated savings are then converted into certificates.

These certificates are registered with the scheme administrator, IPART. The certificates are then bought by the scheme participants, which includes electricity companies or other energy market participants, who are required by law to meet specific energy saving targets. 

The benefit of certificate schemes

Household and businesses benefit from certificate schemes by reduced upfront costs for purchasing or upgrading highly efficient equipment and appliances. These upgrades also help to reduce your energy bills in the long term.

Certificate schemes are an effective way to reduce emissions and help us shift to net zero emissions.

Accessing certificate schemes

You need to work with an approved supplier to access incentives for energy upgrades. These approved suppliers are known as Accredited Certificate Providers, or ACPs.

Before you begin any modification or upgrade, contact an ACP in your region. They will:

  • explain the process
  • help you access the incentive.

You have the option to:

  • work with tradespeople proposed by the approved supplier.
  • work with your own preferred tradespeople that are subcontracted by an approved supplier.

If you are upgrading equipment for your business, you may need to measure your energy use before and after an upgrade. This can be done by submetering or checking your energy bills.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier, you can find out how to apply for accreditation.