Accredited Service Provider Scheme review

The Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Scheme is being reviewed. For the first stage of public review the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (the Department) is seeking feedback on the Accredited Service Provider Scheme review: Issues paper (PDF 750KB) (the Issues paper). Your feedback on the Issues paper will help shape the future operations of the scheme, so it can best meet the needs of consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

About the review

The ASP Scheme is being reviewed to examine the continued need for and arrangements to deliver contestable electricity connection services as regulated through the scheme.

The ASP Scheme was introduced in 1995 to provide consumers who need to connect to the electricity distribution network with access to a competent and competitive market of service providers. Since the last extensive review of the scheme in 2010:

  • the estimated value of contestable works has increased substantially
  • Power of Choice metering arrangements have commenced
  • renewable energy generation and its connection to the grid has increased
  • safety management and customer service expectations have changed.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for the ASP Scheme review centre on these questions:

  • Does the current ASP Scheme address its intended purpose of supporting contestable services?
  • To what extent does the scheme deliver against the objectives of competence, consumer access and safety?
  • What arrangements are needed to ensure the scheme administration meets contemporary customer service expectations?
  • What arrangements are needed to ensure the scheme is responsive to industry change, technological advancements and training updates into the future?

About the Issues paper

The Issues paper was prepared from an initial scoping study. The Department is now releasing the Issues paper for consultation as the first public stage of the ASP Scheme review. Key issues canvassed include:

  • which services should be considered contestable
  • what role the scheme can play in improving access to competent service providers for end consumers
  • how the scheme administration can be improved to offer better value for stakeholders
  • how the scheme can remain responsive to change into the future.

Have your say

Your views are important. You can make a submission on the Accredited Service Provider Scheme Review: Issues paper (PDF 750KB) by email to: asp.consultation [at]

Following the significant impact on businesses resulting from the lockdown across Greater Sydney and some regional areas, the submission date has been extended. Provide your submissions by 11:59 pm Friday 20 August 2021.

Please note that submissions may be made publicly available unless you indicate that all or part of your submission is to be kept confidential.

Next steps

After the first public stage of the ASP Scheme review, the Department will:

  • consider issues arising from submissions
  • hold discussions with key government regulatory and other stakeholders
  • release a position paper with options for the way forward for further public consultation
  • prepare a final report and recommendations.

Key document

Accredited Service Provider Scheme review: Issues paper (PDF 750KB)