Accredited Service Provider Scheme review

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is reviewing the Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Scheme to examine the continued need for and arrangements to deliver contestable energy connection services as regulated through the Scheme.

We released an Issues Paper for comment in June, and received 42 written submissions in response, some of them very detailed . We also received input from direct consultation with a sample of ASP providers, NECA and with the three electricity distributors.

We have now reviewed the responses and developed options for possible changes to the scheme. We have prepared a Position Paper  that summarises the responses and presents the options for your comment.

If you have comments on the paper, you can use the form below, or make a separate submission by email.

Submissions are open from 10 December 2021 and due by 11:59pm, Friday 28 January 2022.

We have set an extended period for comment recognising the impact of the Christmas-New Year break.